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R 169,00 to R 659,00 Greenchi Protein
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The good, the bad & the best. 

For many years there has been this misconception about fats & how they affect you. There are good fats that reduce weight, manage cholesterol, prevent heart disease & enhance mental & physical performance & recovery & then there are bad fats that increase cholesterol, risk of certain disease & of course can give you that spare weight you do not need. There are also important fats & fats you need to avoid. It is not only the type of fat that is important, but the amount of each fat you consume based on calories that will determine optimum function. 

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Health Bits

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    Moringa Oleifera 

    Moringa oleifera, the complete health package. A plant that will give you greater nutrition from its highly nutritious profile, packed with powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, & tissue-protective properties. It is no mystery then why this super food is one of earths most distunguishable plant foods. 

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    Bee Protein Power

    Bee Pollen is considered one of nature's most completely nourishing foods as it contains nearly all nutrients required by humans. Boosting our immune systems, bee pollen has the power to assist our bodies in endurance, longevity, vitality, recovery from chronic illnesses & building new blood. Our bodies require this nutritous super food for optimum vitality, health & protein.

  • Hemp Protein Open or Close


    Hemp Protein Powder

    ... Is the most natural & complete source of protein in the plant kingdom, naturally rich in 20 essentialamino acids, fatty acids & dietry fibre. Structurally it contains 65% Edistin, the most superior of all plant based proteins. Edistin is a glbulin protein which is closely related rto that in the himan blood, allowing the body & muscle to readily absorb the protein.

  • Benefits of Cacao Open or Close



    Decadently Cacao

    This delicious & nutritous super food, originating from South America, has some of the most fundamnental nutrients that greatly enhance your mood, energy, circulation, improving brain function, cardiovascular health & eliminating free radicals. Through activated releasing of our bodies natural endorphins & chemicals, cacao powder will lift your spirits any day. It is no wonder this beautiful bean has been used for millenia. Our earth really does provide us with all the nutrients our bodies require.

  • Maca Powder Open or Close


    Maca (Libido) Power

    Maca root, grown high in the mountains of South America, mainly in high altitude regions of Peru is an adaptogen second to none. This delicious root has the power to regulate & balance our hormones, increase libido, fight stress & anxiety, & increase energy levels, boosting our health & well-being.